Badass  Tutors
Refunds and Guarantees

Full refunds and partial refunds are no problem. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and perfect record with zero charge backs. That means the customer is always right. If you need a refund please ask us first. Hassle free and easy, we value you as our customers. A full refund is possible by simply calling or emailing us. If hours have not yet beed used a full refund is allowed and usually occurs with in a day of request. Partial refund is possible for unused hours. Hours used by student are submitted by tutors with a paper record and confirmed by student via text message or email to Badass Tutors. Therefore, we compare hours purchased to hours confirmed by the student to determine hours unused.


For Guaranteed packages, Badass Tutors does not refund students who do not make the grade promised. The student instead receives a free quarter or semester of hours not to exceed 15 or 25 hours depending on which Guaranteed package was purchased. If a student purchases multiple Guaranteed packages toward one class, the free hours received are for only one package. For example, if the student buys two guaranteed packages of 15 hours and uses both for one class, only one 15 package of hours is provided next term for free if the studnet fails to make the grade. If a student buys a Guaranteed package but needs to add additional hours at the end of the term, then the only free hours received are the original 15 hours of the Guaranteed package.

Guaranteed packages, 15 and 25 hours, require a studnet receives a custom fit Study Skills Evaluation from the founder or representative within the first week of purchase and must use all hours purchased. The student must not skip a week and must use at least 2 hours per week. If a student needs more hours than purchased or runs out of hours before the end of term, the student must buy more hours at the $45/hour discounted rate in order to maintain 2-hour weekly minimums and to meet the conditions of our Guarantee.