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We Proudly

We Support Cigars!

We not only support cigars but we have our own cigar brand. Ring guage of 60-90 and 10 inches, the monster cigar will bring you the attention you so rightly deserve. Women will want you and men will want to be you.

Currently we under new wonership and location, we now roll our custom cigars.

Tobacco leaf from the best wholesalers rolled right here in San Luis Obispo. Who needs weed when you got tobacco. Tobacco rules the world!

You may not want or smoke cigars now, but when you graduate, you know you are going to run into someone who does, most likely the guy who owns the company. Just ask your wealthy parents who are likely paying for your tutoring. Nothing says entitlement or class privilege like a fat stogie in your mouth. Check your cigar privilege? Hell, yeah. And it's still AWESOME.

Diverse and inclusive, tobacco is for everyone. Whether it is ancient Indian tribes or today's modern yuppie. Whether it IS vaping, cigarettes, or cigars, nothing is more satisfying than toking smoke. We fully condone and admire people who smoke cigars. So keep doing it and ignore the KARENS of the world. No, you can't speak to a manager.

You could settle for just getting great grades and forego cigars or go with a tutoring company which is so good we can offer both.

Guaranteed A or B of Free! And when you do get the grade, we send your daddio one of our big fat cigars!

WARNING: Don't take anything we say on this page seriously and heed your Surgeon General's warning.