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Bad Ass Tutors is one big happy family composed of really cool people. Everyone knows each other. We screen each other for ability and personality. We help each other and even mentor newer tutors. We even play together. Come on out and meet the gang, make friends, and improve your tutoring craft.

If you want to have extra income and love helping students, join us. As a tutor, you can take one student or as many as you want. Set your own rates. Tutor academics or even hobbies. Apply today.


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We deliver quality, excellence, customer service, and results. Our tutors are reliable, knowledgeable, awesome at explaining things, and possess a strong desire to help their students. With a name like "Badass" we have to be good. In fact, we guarantee your success! You get more value for the same money you could spend elsewhere with standard, boring services.

We don't just guarantee "satisfaction", we insure the actual grade. All we require of you is to attend your tutoring sessions regularly, follow our study skills advice, and not skip any tests. Do that and there's no way you get anything less than a "B".

Some of our student reviews

"Cool, really cool. These guys are mad geniuses."
"The Howard Stern of Tutoring Services!"
"Why is everyone so uptight about your name? I think they should all get a life or lighten up. It's cool, keep it up."
"We don't have much of a tutoring center and I can't make office hours. A private tutor is the way to go. I love that I can meet at 10 pm last minute or whenever I need help."


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